Saturday, June 12, 2010


When the boys were very young, we decided for many reasons not to get them into the whole sports scene.  One reason, I didn't want to be splitting up our time at home and not being able to do my job properly if I was going hither and yon to all these games and practices.  
Our church has a softball team.  This has been a super way for our boys to play sports and us not compromising on our reasons we first agreed to.  The boys have fun, get some competition out of their systems and are able to form bonds with other men from our church.  It's lots of fun to watch too!  

Brendan plays second base, Mark plays first and Jordan covers third.  Hunter plays way out in right field.
Mark at bat here.
Jordan going to second.

Brendan at bat.
The games are at a great field and park.  All the boys love going so it's a great day together.
The boys got me this chair for Mother's Day so I can sit comfortably and watch the games.  I love yelling for my fellas!
the whole team

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  1. you'll always be our number one cheerleader ... and by far the cutest, too ;)