Friday, June 18, 2010

Front Gardens

Mark got me a load of mulch yesterday afternoon, so I have to get it unloaded so he can use his truck.  The trailor is too heavy with the mulch on it, so I've been working all morning on getting it unloaded (he had to take the van today to work).  It's taking alot longer than I hoped because I can never just throw the mulch on.  I must weed and thin out first and one task leads to another :)

I did get the front of the house done.  I made it about 2 feet wider and rebuilt the walls.  Feels so good to finally have that done.  Now I'm onto the gardens along the path down to the house.  Then I want to widen the one side about 6 feet and add more plants.  When I first started these gardens, my Aunt Rosie was here.  I can hear her saying not to plant them too closely because they grow quickly and you'll have to thin them out!  Man, I should of listened better!  So, the  solution is to make MORE gardens and move the plants around again :)

This picture is before I moved the rocks, dug that ground up and weeded it.  Then I put the mulch down and the rocks back.  It's alot of work but I just love doing it!  I find it so satisfying!
Here's my lovely feet with a "mulch flip-flop" tan and a desperate need of new nail polish!

Titus was in the garden getting peas.  Like his "pocket" ?!?!?!


  1. The gardens are looking really nice!! I finally got another one done today. A little one in front of the chicken coop. Yay!
    Your kids like to put things in their undies. First cats (although that was Addan) now peas! Wierd!

  2. I thought it was cute,, he didn't have a pocket and he wanted to continue playing in the pool, so he came up with the next best thing to a pocket!

  3. It is adorable. A little wierd, but adorable. :)

  4. AMAZING gardens!!! Looks like they could be in a magazine!! Just what I needed to get out into mine and GET THEM DONE!!! :) (I bought a "praying hands" hosta and a "Big Daddy" hosta yesterday for my hosta garden. I'm so addicted!!) Love all the little fences, too! Where'd you find them?

  5. Titus is soo cute!!! Little boys just do funny things!!! Gotta love 'em!!! :)

  6. haha, I teach the boys to improvise, adapt and overcome ... so, if your outfit ain't got pockets, you find a way, nothing weird about it