Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Crafts

During the summer months off from school, I have goals to get lots of crafts done for fall/winter craft sales.  I set a goal to have ten rugs done before October.  Eeeks!  I have one done, another almost done and two just started.  I need to get crocheting!  

First, I cut fabric into 2 inch strips.

Then each strip is sewn together and trimmed.

Then the fun starts,, crocheting and mixing and adding colors.  I love making them.  I find it so relaxing.

The mess can get on my nerves though!

Although I have set the goal for the summer, this is one craft I can continue while schooling.  Helps listening to reading pass more quickly :)


  1. I love my rug....too funny, I was vacuuming it today wondering when you would post something about making them. And you did it today!

  2. LOVE mine too! It's my favorite rug. You need to teach me one of these days so I can make a big one for my living room...although it involves sewing so I probably won't get to it til I'm 80. I think of you whenever I vacuum mine as well!