Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grocery Trip

This morning, Luke, Silas and Tim and I went to town to get some groceries and things for our picnic tomorrow.  Every summer we like to have families over for some fun and good memories.  I always have lofty plans of doing it every weekend but the summer slips by and we only end up doing it a couple times.  With softball games on Saturdays, we'd wait for the season to be over and then we're into mid July.   One week in July we're going to ME and another week in Aug we're going to camp with the teens so we thought we'd better just start.  So we asked 7 families from church and only 5 can make it.  (The two invited families that can't come are so much fun so they'll be asked again!!)
While at the grocery store, there was a couple there that I could just tell were Christians.  It's so funny, you can tell just how a couple acts, looks and smiles that they're of the same family.  I kept seeing them and smiling at them.  Finally while we were both grabbing some cheese, I commented to her that her cart was just as full as our's was.  She said, "Yes, I have 3 boys too but they're home and we also have 5 girls!" (Their children were older than ours are,, her oldest is 29 and youngest is 11.)  I said, "Funny, we have 5 more too but they're all boys!"  What a different response from her and her husband,, it wasn't the normal "God bless you!"  or "HOW do you do it????" while eyes bugging.  She was so excited and kept saying how WONDERFUL it was!!!  What a breath of fresh air!  Of course, her next question was if we home schooled.  It ends up, they've heard of our family but couldn't remember where and only live a couple towns away.  What an encouragement!!  At times, with so much negative from the ungodly world, it can seem like we're all alone in this journey but God is SO good to remind me there are other like-minded people, trying to do right and raise God fearing children! 

Luke and Silas were so excited to get the largest watermelon we've ever seen!  They said it'll feed all 26 of us tomorrow!!!  We'll see how it goes :)

They had to get Jordan to carry it in for us,, he's definately the boy's hero besides their father!

This time of year, WalMart carries fireworks.  It's how I make my yard sale spending money.  I grab about 12 boxes and sell them to the boys when I get home.  Of course, I got told I should be just paying Dad back since it's HIS money!  Stink!

Titus commented to me,, "Mom, come see my treasure!"  This is what I saw.

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