Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Snow on the Mountain

When we first moved here, there were no gardens.  I was so happy to put new ones in all over the yard.  I got lots of perennials from other people.  One plant I got was snow on the mountain.  It's a great plant and very hardy.  I'm learning now though, don't put it where you don't want it to take over!  It takes over rather quickly and it's roots go all over the place.  I just weeded out a very small area and I'm sweating and tired! 
While I was weeding the plant out, it got me thinking.  This plant is so like alot of areas in our lives, home, churches and country.  Some things start out small and seem ok but it can take over rather quickly.
Mark and I were so burdened this last week about an issue in our lives.  It was getting weighty as we talked and talked about it.  We finally came to the conclusion to address the people we can and then leave the rest to the Lord.  What a peace that is.  Although the circumstances didn't change, we realized the One greater than us has it in control!  Thank the Lord, we can see His hand at work and we can have peace through that!
Now to get the rest of that wretched plant out of the garden and somewhere else where it can grow peacefully and look pretty!


  1. Thanks for the post, Tammy. If you have a mind to distribute, I'll gladly take some of the Snow on the Mtn. Is it hardy to zone 4? :O)

  2. I think I had some while we lived in ME. I'd gladly give it ALL to you :)