Wednesday, June 9, 2010

17 years with Jordan

Mark and I married in August of 1992.  We lived outside of Washington, DC in Alexandria, VA.  Life was so sweet and it became even better.  For my Birthday in Sept, Mark gave me a pregnancy test and it was positive!  Yippee!  A baby!  Of course, the pregnancy was without some dark days for me.  Morning sickness hit hard.  I remember feeling like a barfing, wet rag most days!  I felt sad being a newly wed and feeling so sick!  But that passed.  Then we were called from the doctors to come in for a "special" appointment.  One of the tests given came back with the results that our baby would have down-syndrome.  We were given a card with a phone number that could end that pregnancy!  Such shocking news and then to be told how to murder our baby!  No way!  We'd love our baby regardless of it not being perfect in the doctor's eyes.  Of course, after more testing,  things looked "normal".  I can't imagine the thought of Jordan being carried by a woman where murder is ok if the baby doesn't reach the parent's desires.  How sad!

Well, Jordan began the trend of late babies for me.  He was due on May 22nd but we were induced later.  After many LONG hours in the hospital, he made his grand entry on June 9, 1993.  What a joy he's been ever since!
We were told many times, by many "encouraging" people to just wait,, those teen years are a night mare!  We still haven't gotten to that stage and so enjoy our teens! (Thankyou Lord!!!)  Now the other dreaded news about how much boys eat has been VERY accurate!!!
Jordan has many godly people in his life.  The biggest example to him is father!  I'm so thankful for the boy's Dad!  Mark has been very sacrificial with his life and always does things with the boys in mind.  I've heard him many times say he did or didn't do things to be a godly example to our boys!  He works hard, practices what he preaches and is very loving!  He's learned to play softball to play with them.  He gave up singing in the choir to lead youth group to be with them (choir practice is at the same time) and has done SO many other things to be the godly leader to them!  I'm soooo thankful for him!
Jordan also has godly relatives.  He has two Grandfathers in Christian work and a great Uncle who has invested tons of time in him.  He's so blessed!

Jordan also has many close brothers.  During Jordan's years, he's seen many changes in our lives (moves from Virginia to Michigan to Maryland to Maine to PA) and has seen many brothers born into our home.  He's a great example to them and loves them dearly.  

I'm so thankful for our first born and how the Lord has blessed us with him!


  1. Love this post!! Gracie looked at the picture of you pregnant and knew it was you right away! That shocked me.

  2. Thank you, Tammy, for sharing the blessed legacy of Philbricks; the pictures and also, most importantly, giving God the glory for His blessings. I must tell you, you have not gotten have grown more and more BEAUTIFUL!! I can see from your earlier photo, a semblance of the little girl I knew. Loved the post!! All your 'men' are blessed to have you. "...her children shall rise up and call her blessed."