Monday, June 21, 2010

The Field

Out past our backyard is a path to the field.  It's a fun place for our family.  The boys practice softball, shoot skeet, sled,and play football in the field.  I just went back to bring the crew some watermelon.  Mark and the boys are clearing out more of the outfield to the softball part of the field.  This clearing will also create our heat for the winter.  June is the chainsaw month!  :)   When I went back, I could hear the chainsaws going, the mower going and the 4 wheeler going.  Just the sounds of the chainsaw bring nice feelings and the smell of the fresh cut wood is wonderful!  (Although, when I hear the chainsaw, I also send up lots of prayers for protection!!)

This is the beginning of the field.  We planted the Christmas trees the first year we were here.  Last year we were able to use one of our own!  Such fun!
 Brendan does all our mowing!  What a huge blessing!

This is looking up into the woods from the softball field area.  Mark already fell the trees and now they're cutting them into 8 footers and stacking them.  The younger dudes are clearing the brush.

Jordan and Mark are such a hard working team!

This piece is "junk" wood so it's becoming a fence to mark the home run hits.

Mark and I eating our watermelon together.

Here's our heat for the winter.  We burn about 8 cord of wood each winter (it being our only source of heat).  We're so thankful for the wood right off our land. 

It's a family project.  All the boys help with the process and feel needed in the process.  It's a lesson on working together as a family to meet a need (heat!).  It's gets alot of energy out of their systems and alot of muscles built!  Once the pile is cut into stove lengths, it's stacked into the lean-to awaiting the cold winter air.


  1. I would LOVE to live on that much property! Lots of room to run:) I'm sure it takes a lot of work to keep it up.

  2. Yes, Cynthia, it is perfect land for boys! We're SO thankful for it! God's been so good to us! The boys are a huge help with the upkeep!