Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Banana Bowl

When I grocery shop, I usually buy huge amounts of things the boys eat lots of.  Example:  when I go to the Super WalMart, I stock up on Dannon Vanilla yogurt.  I buy the larger size container.  That WalMart is farther from us but near our church so if we need to pick something up there,  I also grab some of those.  Usually I grab at least 10-15 of them at a time.  I always feel kind of funny loading them all onto the belt to the cashier :)

Fruit is another one of those things.  I get about 6 bags of apples a week (and they never last the whole week!).  Bananas are always a sight too!  I've had comments about the amount of those I get, "Wow! You must really like bananas!"  
Placing them neatly never seemed to happen.  I've tried different methods and just laying them on the counter seemed to be the result.  I was never too thrilled with the unsightly pile when I walked into the house.

While we were at our friend's this weekend, I loved how she kept her bananas!  Both of us had a home party in the past and had gotten a bowl on a stand.  I never use the bowl because of it's narrow depth and the dip bowl that came with it is way TOO SMALL for us!  So it just sat in the hutch looking pretty!  Jaime keeps her fruit in it,,, what a GREAT idea!  I was so happy to see how she did it and as soon as we got home, I copied her!  I'm so thrilled at how neat our banana pile looks!  Simple pleasures and a more tidy house make me smile and have a calming affect on me!!  :)

You'll always find some sort of car, ball, block, train, bat, glove, etc laying around too.  Need to find a pretty bowl to keep them in too!!!  :)

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  1. I love your banana bowl! They look great in there! :)