Friday, June 4, 2010


Jordan, Brendan, Hunter and I just went for a load of mulch.  On the other side of the mountain from us is a lumber shop.  They have a huge pile of mulch where you can buy it by the load full.  It's way cheaper than the stores and I put tons of it on the gardens, so it's a huge blessing!

When we got to the lumber shop, there was a man loading his truck up with mulch.  I went in and paid for our load.  The boys loaded up our trailer and when we were getting into the van, the man was still loading his truck.  I commented to Jordan it would be nice for him to help him.  So Jordan went over and started helping the man.  I sat inside the van listening to Jordan and the man chatting away.  I was quite proud of hearing Jordan sharing he was home schooled, where he went to church, how he played softball on his church's team, etc.  As we drove away, the man commented to me what a great boy I had.  I thanked him and we were off.  
I so pray our boy's hit the mark the Lord has for each of their lives and that they can be a blessing to those they meet!

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