Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Living Room Picture

This weekend our church is having a Mission's Conference.
We're having one of the missionary family's stay
with us for the weekend.

I'm so looking forward to this.

As a child, the church we attended had alot of special things;
singing groups,  visiting college students,
missionaries,  guest speakers,
neighborhood outreaches.
My Mom was always one of the first to sign up to
host these groups.

I remember sleeping in my sister's room and the
company got my room as I had bunk beds.
Often my sister and I would fall asleep, listening to our
parents chattering away with the company.
Or listening to the company talking in the
room next door.
Such great memories.

My Mom was such a true servant, giving of herself whole-heartedly
to make our guests feel totally at home.  My father
was more of the entertainment committee- getting games
organized and talking the guest's ears off!
They were a perfect team and I saw our home being used
to entertain "strangers".

I have this week all scheduled out, each day doing a
big part of the cleaning.
Yesterday I painted the upstairs hall and downstairs hall.
Well, actually I started it and Brendan is finishing it for me today.

Today was the living room.
I washed the curtains, rehung them,
 washed the walls and dusted everything.
Woodstoves create SO much dust.

As I was dusting, I saw this picture.

I've wanted to do something to change it.
I cross stitched this when I was a senior in high school.
I saved up money and had it framed.
I'm not sure why, but I picked out a blue mat. 
Blue is not my color.  Some people love blue and that's
fine.  I'm just not one of those people.
My room was pink at the time so I can't figure out why
I had her do blue. 

My sister posted recently on her blog about painting
the mat.  I actually thought of doing that the very
week she posted but was scared to do it
without seeing it done first.   (We often do things like that,
I made pudding the same day she did! and we both posted
about it!  I love having a sister who also a close friend).

So, I took the picture down and started to take it apart.
I was so nervous!
What if I ruined it?
What if I can't get it back together?

Oh well, I did it.  I figured what did I have to lose?

The mat needed three coats of paint.

While that dried, I worked in the living room.

I even had a coffee break with my fella.
He came home to grab the three oldest boys and then ran
to a near by town and do their windows.

After it the mat was dry, I put the stitchery back
onto the now clean glass. 
I hammered the nails back into the back to hold the mat in.

And, tada!
It's back on the wall with a new look!

Thanks Tonya for the motivation!
"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers,
for thereby some have entertained angels


  1. Good Job! Funny how it brings out the burgundy in the flowers now.

  2. i was reading this to my mom and showed her the before and after... we both said the same thing.. it POPS more on the new color, than the blue.
    And the consensus here is it is VERY PRETTY!

  3. Mom is such a wonderful hostess, and you are too! LOVE the way this looks!! It would be scary painting the matting on that! I just redid the matting on a cross-stitch I picked up at a second-hand place: it reminded me of you and your cross-stitching. It's a big beautiful Amish farm scene, and I know it must have taken forever, remembering the hours you spent doing them.
    Your house is so cozy! Have a super weekend!!

  4. That looks SO much better. I love it! Thanks for the nice words. I miss having missionaries over. It's hard with camp being on weekends. I haven't had a single person over since you were here last. I took pictures of my Easter decor. and flowering forsynthia on the kitchen table to show Tonya. I love that picture. The last time I was there I was looking at it while we were doing arobics and thinking of all the work you put into that and how nice it is. The african violets look like they are doing good in that window too. What is the big hanging plant? that's doing good too. 2 cute models sitting for the pictures. What does Addan have on his head? Who are the Missionaries and where are they from? Do they have kids? Sounds fun.

  5. I thought the pic looked alright. until I saw the finished project and it looks great more updated.good job Tammy