Saturday, March 5, 2011

Just Because

While my fella was out, I made him this to come home to.
This is his favorite pie.
Of course, I had to make two for the rest of the gang!
Can't wait for him to walk in the door and see it!!


  1. What kind is it? Looks yummy!!

  2. Yum. Just because. Who needs a reason to make that delicious looking dessert.

    Yes, I use whole wheat flour. Actually, I use whole grains in everything besides bread. Normally I will grind many different grains together and mix them. Even beans. You probably do this too, I'm only saying that it will work with whole wheat. Good luck!

  3. Thanks so much, I'm looking forward to trying it!

    Michelle, it's a graham cracker pie. Has a vanilla pudding type middle. I got the recipe from my MIL :)

  4. And why, I beg of you, did you NOT put the recipe?!?! :)