Friday, March 11, 2011

Bone's Burn

Poor Bones.
He was warming up this morning and he
got too close to the woodstove.

How often have we warned and told them not to get so close.
Some of life's lessons are learned the hard way.
But how it breaks your heart as a mother to
see your child in pain. 

We ran the burn spot under cold water.
Then I broke a piece of aloe plant and smeared the clear
goo from the plant all over it.
I kept asking Bones how it felt.

He said the "stuff" made it not hurt anymore.
It's a pretty good sized burn and I know how badly burns
hurt, having burnt myself many times on that very stove!
Poor fella!

Thankyou Lord for your healing plants you give to us.

My sister posted on aloe's healing helps here


  1. Pray that his burn heals. And thankful you didn't have the same outcome as the family that lost their children due to fire.

  2. Poor Addan. Hope it feels better =F-A-S-T=!