Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Boy's Room- GROSS!

While growing up, I cleaned many bathrooms!
My Dad is a camp director of an inner-city camp.
Kids from Philadelphia, Lancaster and York, PA came out every week of the
summer and every weekend of the school year.

I started working there when I was almost 15.
Every Sunday after the kids would leave camp, the bathrooms had to be cleaned.
(Or on Friday during the summer week camps.)

My sister also worked at camp with me.
We'd both barter jobs so as not to get the bathroom job!

"Come on, I'll sweep and mop the WHOLE cafeteria and you do the
boy's bathroom!"
"NO WAY!  I did it last time!"

or something like that!

I also cleaned the cabins each week after the campers left.
The beds were wiped down, floors swept and mopped, aaaannnndddd
the bathrooms cleaned!
I could end up cleaning 10 bathrooms that week and the week after
and the week after that.
Needless to say,  I have lots of practice on bathroom clean up!

It always amazes me how quickly our bathroom at home gets untidied!
All those years of practising and I still stand in
awe when I go in there.

I JUST cleaned this room and how did it get looking like this SO

Uht-oh!  Someone didn't put their toothbrush in their basket!
And why is there a gun in here?
Did the enemies chase him into here before brushing his teeth?

I know, he laid down his weapon while
he shaved!

And look at the trash!
"Quick, take the last bite of an apple before I jump into the shower!"

After a quick picking up and cleaning up,
it's as good as new.

No more toothpaste behind the toilet,

I can't even imagine HOW it got there!!!

No more Yankees hats on my towel hook.

No- now it's all neat and clean.
But for how long, is the question!!

Now, I want you to notice this...

It looks like a regular Bath and Body soap bottle.
I love this thing.
It foams up soap so you don't have to rub to get nice suds.
But this is not Bath and Body soap inside.

Smelly products are still such a temptation to me.
I love the sweet smell on your hands after washing with it.
But I know all the chemicals seeping into the skin are bad.

My Mom was recently here for a visit.
She was given a gift of different kinds of lotions.
She offered them to me.
I asked why she didn't want them (I knew why but wanted to be
sure she didn't really want them).
"Since I've had skin cancer, I don't want to put any more chemicals
on my skin" was her reply.

(I ended up giving the lotions away.)

It is so important what we put on our skin.
It goes into your body  right through our skin.

So in that foaming dispenser is this...

Dr Bronner's Magic Soap
Pure-Castile Soap

The first ingredient in both soaps in water.

The Bath and Body soap has  17 ingredients after water.
I can't even say most of them.  I know Red-40 is listed (which is very bad for you!),
all kinds of perservatives, and another is
Xanthan Gum (which is a corn product that is bad- saw that on Food Inc).

The Castile Soap has 7 ingredients.
Organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic hemp oil, organic
jojoba oil, organic peppermint oil, citric acid and Vitamin E.
I can say all these and actually recognize what they are.

The  Castile soap smells good and fresh from the peppermint.
It lathers great in the soap bottle.
And it is so much more economical.
Just a few drops (maybe 5-8) and the rest is water.
I fill this soap dispenser about every other week.

I've had this bottle of Castile for about a year and you can hardly tell I've used it!
I also use it for cleaning.
Smells good and cleans great!
I know what is going in the air and into my body as I use it.

Now if I could only keep the bathroom clean and weapon free!


  1. In this area it might be found at Giant's. I'll have to see next time I go there. I get it at East Drummore. I get the lavender scent. I love it too. And it actually cost less than the junk. I think Tonya bathes her kids with it. Oh, I thought it was funny how you just got all the toothbrushes organized and off the sink and now there are shavers!

  2. That's great! I never even thought of using it in the foaming bottles. What a great idea. I guess I'll have to resist the urge to go in Bath and Body Works from now on. It will save on the wallet as well. :)

  3. I made dish soap with the castile soap, I have to say it didn't clean very well, if either of you have a recipe for it, I'd love to try it. Do either of of you make your own shampoo?

  4. Visiting from your sister's blog. This is a great tip. Thanks!


  5. Thank you so much for joining the newbie party. Being a Mom of two boys, I get this..totally!

  6. It's funny because I am always trying to keep up with hair bands and clips for my girls and often thought how much easier it is to keep up with boys stuff. I never thought about razors and such for the boys!

  7. I'd say you have your hands full for sure! I love your blog. Found you at the Newbie party.

  8. Great idea - I have never even thought to do that. We use Dr. Bronner's bar soap to wash with and I love it! Thanks for the tip.