Monday, February 28, 2011

Locked Out

When my fella got home this evening,
he went upstairs to our bedroom to change.

He came down and announced that the door was locked to our room.

This created much excitement.
Just who would be the hero and get it open?

Brendan ran outside and climbed onto the front porch
roof and tried to get in our window.
It was locked.

Next I saw him with a ladder and trying to get into the front windows
to our room.
Locked too!

(I'm not sure why I lock the upstairs windows. 
Guess it's so they don't pop open when the younger ones are leaning
against them, looking outside.)

Inside, the other guys were coming up with another plan.

The heat vent!
The vent goes into our room. 
We have a bathroom off our room, so we have to have
some heat to keep those pipes from freezing.

Jordan got onto a chair and hoisted Titus up.
Titus was laughing very nervously!
"No, Jordan, don't let go!"

Up, up he went.
Yes, he's almost in!

Everyone cheered for Titus,
our hero!


  1. Fun reading this. Never would have thought to do go up the vent. Good thing Titus is still little. Surely never a dull moment in the house of eight boys. I laughed reading this. I can hear Titus laughing the nervous laugh. And all the rest watching with excitement.

  2. Too funny!!! Never a dull moment! :)

  3. That picture reminds me of our boys dropping Katie down the laundry shoot!!

  4. What an amazing and exciting story! One everyone will remember!

  5. Yay Titus! Way to go! Sometimes it helps to be the little guy ;)