Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Matching Skirts and Socks

Every year for Easter, we try to get somewhat matching outfits.
Usually I get or make a new skirt and
we try to find ties for each of the boys to match.
Last year I made my skirt and then had the hardest finding a top to match.

Well, last week while on a date with my fella, we stopped
at Joann's and picked out some fabric for a skirt.
I love it!

I thought we could find bright yellow polo type shirts
for the younger boys and bright yellow ties for the older boys.
I could find a top to match.
Either the bright pink color, yellow or white.

This past Saturday I rode along with my fella and the oldest two
while they went to town to do windows.  They dropped me
off at the store so I could begin the search.
NOT ONE top to match the fabric!
NO yellow shirts!
NO bright pink shirts.  All they had were muted shades of colors.

I'm such a slow learner.  Pick out the top and ties first
and then make my skirt to match that!  So I'm trying plan B.

I made this skirt Monday.  It has alot more colors and I hope
to find a top and ties to match it.

I love how this one is turning out!  Just the
waist band left.  Man, those gathers were "fun".

Last night is when  I usually get the most knitting done.
My fella and I have our "date night" and watch the "fat show", as
it's called in our home.  You might know it as the Biggest Loser.
But our tv wouldn't come in.  I think the cable companies have a scam going
that they steal all the air waves and make us people who won't get cable
have to or we miss our regular watched show.  This is the only show we watch
on television so we won't get cable.
(For many other reasons too!!!)

So I brought out the Pictionary game.  I like playing it but the others don't.
I forced them to play one round with me!  Aren't I mean!!
We had some good laughs. 
Brendan's 101 Dalmations was the best.  It looked like polka-dotted
blobs that were multiplying!

Then we all played a game of Rats.  It's one of the favorites and we can almost
all play.  Although some are still learning, which makes it much
harder for the others trying to bid their hand.

Here's my knitting for this week.  I am so hooked on socks!
I love seeing them form right under the needles.

My fella got this book for me for Christmas.
It's been a very calm read yet just enough interest
to keep me longing each evening to read a chapter.

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  1. Hi Pop, What a fun night you had. I'd much rather play games than watch anything on tv! Especially with that fun group. I wish you posted B's dalmation picture.
    I like the material in your prairie skirt. look forward to seeing the whole crew dressed to match. Yesterday when we were getting our pictures done at church I was telling them how the boys all dressed in blue and uou in pink. Love you.