Thursday, March 10, 2011

Peeps in the Night

Yesterday was my busy errand day.
Jordan had lessons so it was extra busy.

I drop Jordan and his 3 brothers off for piano,
wait for 30 minutes for Jordan's lesson (I shopped at the Salvation
Army right around the corner), pick him up,
errands for 45 minutes and then drop him off for guitar lessons.
During that 45 minutes, we went to Tractor Supply
to pick up chicken grain.
BIG mistake,  I looked at the cute peeps they
had ready to go to someone's home.
Oh man, one batch was marked down because they
already had them for a week and a half.

I told the lady I'd buy all of them and be back to get them
after I dropped Jordan off to guitar.

They were so cute.  Hunter needs new chickens so these
would be his.  I had just looked online and saw the prices
plus shipping prices so knew
I couldn't beat this price.

It was just the timing.
I had to quickly get home, make supper and then head to church.
Could I squeeze getting them set up too?

Hunter got their new home all ready while I helped.
We did it.  The new peeps are all happily in
their home.  Supper was eaten peacefully and we made
it out the door on time.  Wow!

Laying in bed, I could hear the quiet shuffling of the peeps
and the sudden chirping of them being startled.
It's such a familiar happy spring sound.

I love watching the boys standing there gazing at them.
It's so cute.

Caught Titus watching them before he got changed for bed.
They come tell me after all the details,
"Mom, 7 were laying there sleeping."

"Mom, two were pecking eachother."

"Mom, can I hold them?  I'll be real careful."

Such memories!


  1. Too cute!! (The peeps and the sons! :) ) I want peeps!!!