Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Peaceful Laundry

The belt on one of our dryers broke.
My fella and Jordan took the machine apart
and we are now waiting for a new belt to come in.

Last year, our washer died.
Two washers were given to us and another dryer was given too.
We hooked up the new dryer and both
This has been such a huge help!
I can barely keep up with two sets of machines!

During the warmer months, the dryers sit still.
I hang most everything on the lines outside.

Today is a beautiful sunny day!
I decided to hang a load outside since it's above freezing.
I'm noticing again how difficult it is to keep up with only
one dryer.  It seems there's always a load sitting waiting
for the machine.

What I forgot when I brought the basket of wet whites
outside was how much snow we just got this weekend!
I stepped into the path down to the chicken coop and carefully
balanced my footing so I would stay inside of the path.
If I stepped off the path, the snow went all into my boot.
The snow is very deep!

It was so peaceful outside. 
I could hear the chickens in their coops.
A plow was going somewhere, pushing the wet snow out of their way.
Birds chirping all around me.
Oh, the wonderful sounds of the outdoors.

This is one of the reasons I so enjoy hanging the wash outside.
A quiet break from the noise inside.


  1. I love seeing clothes on the line - speaking of how peaceful it is outside. This morning on the way to the barn, it was just like spring - there were so many birds singing. It seemed funny hearing it while trying to stay in the path of snow.

  2. So funny to see clothes drying with all that snow...I can't get to my clothesline at all and it wasn't above zero all day yesterday so they'd be frozen stiff in a matter of minutes anyway...I need to post a picture of the drift around my clothesline...Have a great day!

  3. Love it, Pop. I love the fresh smell of clothes that have been dried outside. Today we had geese flying over. It is so pretty there with the snow. I think that is why I love to walk. The smell, sounds and sky are so refreshing. I love to hang laundry out too. You are so frugal. Love you.