Monday, February 7, 2011

When Mom's Sick

Yesterday after church, I could feel it coming.
A cold that started to feel like my head
was 100 lbs and just pounding.
I took tons of vitamins and other remedies.

Today I feel worse!  I'm not sure if the
headache if from lack of coffee today but it's bad!
I did finally take some asprin and it feels alot better.

Most of the day was spent reading and sitting in the living room
with the younger guys.  They're very entertaining.

What to do for supper?
No matter how I feel, they still get hungry.

Yesterday we had two of our own chickens for our big meal
so the bones were simmering all night
making a yummy, healthy broth.

I assigned each boy a vegetable to wash and cut.
Hunter, you have onions and celery.
Jordan, you have carrots.
Brendan, you get potatoes.
Silas, put a tablespoon in each pot of these spices.

Family soup!  It was super yummy and we all worked together to make it.
Now they're happy with full bellies (for now, that is!)
and it's making me feel a little bit perky!  Maybe I'll go tackle the laundry!


  1. That is great, looks yummy too! I love it when children help in the kitchen, my kids have always been scooting a chair up to the counter, eager to help! ;} Wonderful blog here, first time visit!

    {Sarah beth}

  2. Hope your feeling better. Great boys!!!

  3. Bless you! I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Hi Pop,
    Can you save me some of that home made Philbrick soup?
    Looks yummy!
    I've got a bit of a cold.
    That soup looks like proper medicine.
    Can't wait to see and be with you and all the boys!!
    Be blessed in the Lord.
    Taking mom out to an Italian dinner for the 42ndth year. {;-)
    Love yah!