Saturday, February 5, 2011

An Amish Birthday

Yesterday was my fella's Birthday.
We've started a tradition for his Birthday.
Since my fella's "love language" is quality time, he chose to spend his
Birthday on a little get-away.
He'd rather have a quiet 2 days together than a gift.
This is great for me because I get to spend it with him! :)

The first year we went away, we stayed at hotel in Cortland, NY.
It wasn't an area with a huge amount to do.  This was fine as I
was feeling rather morning-sicknessish with Titus.  That wasn't
the best get-away but it was still enjoyable just to be together.

Last year we went to Niagra Falls.  Neither of us had been there
so it was fun seeing it for the first time together.

This year, Mark chose to go to Amish Country in the Lancaster, PA
area.  He found an Amish farm that allows people
to stay right on their farm. 

Mark took off from school on Thursday.  After giving lists and lists
of instructions to the boys, we headed out. 
I have to admit, I love going away but part of me always worries about the boys.
We've trained them enough that the older ones know what to do for
all the "what if's" that could happen.  They're very smart boys but
I still worry.  Guess it's the Mom in me.    Things are so nice now though,
we could call them regularly to keep in touch.  Communication is great!

We enjoyed a peaceful ride down.  This is almost the same ride I take to my
parent's.  What a difference traveling down without the rowdies!

Lunch was calmly eaten,  we stopped and shopped some and I knitted
most of the ride.  It was very relaxing!

The Amish farm was very cozy!  You had to cross a little stream across
the driveway.  There were geese in the stream and willow trees all along it.
It was so pretty!

One of the daughters greeted us when we arrived.
She was the 3rd to youngest of 8 children.
She showed us our "cabin" and gave us the instructions on how to do things.

It was a cozy place with plenty of room.

The bedroom we stayed in.  There was another one with 2 double beds in it.

We unloaded our stuff and went to the bulk food store right down the road.
It's funny,  when I go visit my parent's and I want to stock up, I
go to Centerville Bulk Foods.  This bulk food is about
5 houses up from the farm we stayed at.

The bulk food place is great!  I got a 50 lb bag of wheat berries for $22!
I normally pay $50 at the store in town here.  I got lots of yummies!

Then we headed out to eat at Shady Maple Restaurant.
My fella's brother and his wife were meeting us there.  Matt and Kathy
were at college when me and my fella were.  We're not only "related" but good friends.
Meeting them was a fun treat.  Although, my fella and his brother NEVER
behave when they're together!    Lots of great laughter and filling foods!!

The next morning, the Amish couple brought breakfast down to our room.
It was fun meeting them and chatting.  Having the common factor of the same amount
of children made instant conversation (although, I don't think it would of been necessary
 they were both very friendly and chatty)!

The Amish lady asked me a question I was never asked before.  We were talking
about having eight children (she has three girls, the oldest just getting married two
months ago and five boys).  She asked me if I cook all our food and sew all our clothes.
This stumped me.  Yes, of course, I cook all our food but sew ALL
our clothes too!  She proceded to tell me her second daughter enjoys sewing
so she does all the sewing for them!  Man, if I was Amish, I'd have to
be sewing all our clothes too!  The lady said her other daughter does
the laundry.  Then she said, "Wow! You home-school too!"  They both
began asking us questions about it.  They seemed just curious about our
lives as we were their's. 
The man started asking about our home and land.  My fella commented about us
burning wood for heat and how much help our boys were with that process.
He commented about our wood splitter.  My fella said, "They are our
woodsplitter!"  The Amish man commented about them using the machine for him.
"No,"  my fella said,, "THEY are the woodsplitter, with an ax!"  The Amish
man was impressed and said he didn't hear of too many people burning wood who
didn't own a "real" woodsplitter!  I think we may have been a novelty to them.

After breakfast, we walked around their farm.  The boys were
hard at work.  They were spreading manure and man, it reaked!

After looking at their happy animals eating their breakfast foods,
we packed up from our cozy "cabin" and headed out.

What a difference visiting the shops in February compared to May!
The shops were quiet and calm.
Kitchen Kettle was just a quiet little village.  During the warmer months,
the same shops are hopping with tourists.
My fella went with me to a yarn shop, the Candle Barn and other fun shops!
It almost seemed like it was my Birthday!

Then we headed for lunch and then our journey home.
What a fun trip together!

When we got home, there were some excited boys waiting for us!
They had all colored different letters and the "sign" hung all around
 the kitchen. 
The house was neat as a pin too!

Today I'm putting all our bulk foods into containers.
What a fun trip!
Mark's already looking forward to going back to Amish country next year.
I don't think I'll complain too much about it either :)

Happy Birthday, my sweet fella!!


  1. Oh, that looked like soooooo much fun!!! I love the feeling of going to Amish country! I must admit, I'm VERY glad we don't have to make our clothes! :)

  2. Wonderful way to spend a Birthday!! :)

  3. What a great get away! Do they open up to the general public? We had Amish come work on our property last year and it turned out the same way. They asked us 100's of questions. She shopped at Aldi more than I did....had less children, and their kids went to school. It was like you said, equal curiosity. My kids asked them questions about their faith, their Bible, their hymns. My kids ended up taking their Bibles outside and sharing Scripture with them. My daughter did a "Witnessing Survey" with one of them. A great time but also planting seeds of the Gospel. They live up the road from us and we hope to see them again the spring. You never know! Cherith Nottingham

  4. Loved this! It was so nice hearing all the details. I laughed when I saw a woodstove in your cabin. And the Amish thinking your a novelty! Wasn't Shady Maple great! I live here and still LOVE going to Amish Country. I Never get tired of it. What great boys to have it all clean and decorated. Sounds like you really enjoyed Mark's birthday! Love you.

  5. I miss Amish country!!! I hope to go to Ohio this spring & shop in their Amish stores. I don't miss the snow, it looks like you had quite a bit!

  6. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your special!!!
    Blessings & Love

  7. What an awesome trip! Happy Birthday!

  8. Sounds like you had a fun time! You were in my neck of the woods for this visit! I'm very familiar with Shady Maple. My dad has to go there for his free birthday dinner each year! I'm curious where Centerville Bulk Foods is. That's a place I'm not familiar with but would love to find.

  9. You should of joined us Karen! :)
    Centerville Bulk is right near Intercourse. It's right near King's Shop, also near Kitchen Kettle. Are you familiar with those? Just past Kings but go right when the road does a Y. It's just a little bit up the road on the right.

  10. Ok. Yup. I absolutely know where Intercourse and Kitchen Kettle are. So, I'm sure I could find it. I'll have to check it out. I'm intrigued by what all I could find there.