Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No Nuking Anymore

It started many years ago, almost 18 years ago!

When I found out I was pregnant for our first baby, I was so
excited!  It's funny, as soon as you find out, you begin
thinking of doing things for the "two of us" instead of just yourself.
Eating is now for the "two of us", exercising helps us both,
even the fresh air is good for us both.

I remember reading some information given to my by
my doctor.  These two facts are some of the few I still
One was not to sleep in an electric blanket while pregnant.
The other was not to stand by the microwave while it was running.

This made me think.  If it's not good for the baby, inside of me, how
can these things be ok once the baby is on the outside of me?
Won't they still be bad for a person, even if she's not carrying a baby?

I've read much information since then about the dangers of microwaves.
One cookbook I have even says not to "nuke" your bread and veges
 in a microwave because it nukes all the vitamins.

Yet, we've still had a microwave for all these  years.

While it would be on, I'd ask the boys to move away from it. 
I figured if they weren't right in front of it, the bad would miss them.
But where was it all going?  It must still be going into the air.

My fella and I were in the kitchen yesterday and he brought up
conversation about the microwave.  (This wasn't about the same subject of the
dangers of the microwave but about  a new policy at the school where
he works concerning microwave use.)
I commented that they're bad so they shoudn't be using one anyways.
And then I said, "We should get rid of our's!"  Now, I said this half-heartedly.
I have such mixed emotions abot it.
I KNOW it's bad for us, BUT I know how convenient they are.
Isn't that BAD!?!?!?
It's so easy to throw some left overs in and push the buttons and ta-da,
done in 30 seconds!  No pans to wash after and no fussing with the stove.

I wasn't expecting my fella to say, "Go for it!"

Then I read a blog this morning about a lady who gave up her
microwave for 2 months.  They put it in their garage while they didn't
use it.  If it was REALLY needed they could get it out.
Hmm, that sounded like a good plan.

So I took our's out of the kitchen and it's in the pantry.  If I really need it, I can get it
and plug it in real fast.  It's enough of a pain that I'll really need
it to go through all that hassle.

The boys were quite concerned this morning when they noticed
the counter was a bit empty.  Where is it, Mom?

How will we heat our food?

This does make meal preparation more of a challenge for me.
If I forget to take something out of the freezer,  I always knew
 I could thaw something
out in the microwave. 

We'll see how this goes.

 A few minutes ago, Brendan came into the living room
 where I was sitting on the
couch chatting with my Mom on the phone.
He asked if he could have some of the leftover cobbler from last night.

I nodded yes.

He came back in with a total sceptical face, "How do I heat it up
with no microwave?"

I couldn't stop laughing.  I explained this all to my Mom and we
both laughed!  I told him to put it in a little pan and cook it on the stove.

I remember having to do that, am I really that old?

I'll keep you posted on how it goes in our home.


This is the post I read that I mentioned above.


  1. Scary the stuff we get used to using, huh? I used to use that heating pad on my stomach for cramps all those years. I pray it didn't do something bad. :S I've been trying to use my Microwave less, too. It does take a little more time and planning. I wonder if a toaster oven would be an okay supplement for reheating left-overs?

  2. When we moved we decided not to take ours, either. It has been an adjustment, but really, we have lived without it! The hardest thing for me is remembering to take butter out of the fridge to soften for a recipe. I always forget :S