Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One Warm Foot

I did it!  Yippee!
I'm so excited!
I actually enjoyed the "hard" parts.
I finished my first sock!

I had Youtube going along each step of the way.
I waited for a quiet minute or few to get the hard parts done.
(This can be hard at times, as there's rarely a quiet spot in our home.)

I loved seeing the heel and foot develop.
I think I may even be able to do most of it again without help
(well, I like to think I could!)

I think I did them too big.  My next pair, I'll do one size smaller.

This Sunday is the first week of my new lesson.  I'm so excited.
This book is very practical yet complete.
It tries to explain the importance of our hearts being yielded and
obedient.  Then the outward will follow.  It's so important
to see Bibically why we do what we do and having a willing
heart to do what the Lord asks of us!

I finished my last fiction book.  I love reading them but I find it so
sad to end one.  It takes me a bit to get back into one.
So I've had a few nights off of fiction and have been reading gardening
magazines to put me to sleep.  I'm so looking forward to spring!
I love the feel and smell of the dirt.  Soon!

I had to include this cute picture of my fella.
He wears this hat while window washing.   I saw him pull up and
the blue hat in the truck's window.  I ran out to the porch
to take it.  Little did I know, he had flowers for me. 
He's so sweet!


  1. Great job! but, you really do need one more:)
    and that is a great FELLA you have there!

  2. Congrats on completing your first sock! What an accomplishment =)

    And what a sweet fella you have there!

  3. I'm almost done with my first sock, too!
    I'm using the Knit Picks you toube video.
    Mine is a bit too big, too.
    Kelley on the video said to use size 3 if you're a tight knitter. Well, I either knit more loosely, or size 3 was just too big.

    I will be able to wear them, though.