Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Remembering the Day After Valentine's Day

I went to Bible college with my sister.
It was great being together.

I met my fella the first month we were there.
Our first date off campus was on my Birthday.
My sister was also with us as well as another friend.

The college had very strict rules for dating.
We couldn't go off campus as a dating couple without an
approved chaperone. 

By the time Valentine's Day rolled around,
my fella and I were pretty serious.
I had gone to his home during Christmas break and he
also came to my house.  Both parents approved of us dating.

That year, Valentine's Day fell on a Friday.
My fella  told me he was going to chaperone his brother Matt
and his girlfriend on their date.  They had
arranged to go out on Valentine's Day.  I was kind-of bummed.
BUT my fella told me he had arranged for us to go to a
fancy restaurant the next day.  It eased some of the sadness.

Valentine's evening, as I was in the rec hall, I heard lots of comments
about my fella. 

"Where's Philbrick?  He didn't take you out on Valentine's Day?"

"Why are you here without Philbrick?" was asked again and again.

I tried to play it off and say we were going out the next night,
but it was kind of sad.

My fella was so excited about this date.  I should
of known something was up.

He had made reservations in Escanaba, MI.  It was
a bit of a drive.  We didn't care.  We were on a date,
off campus with our two chaperones (one was my room mate
and the other was my RA). 

The evening was so romantic. 
Candle light dinner,  cozy room, yummy food
and a sweet man!

 Dessert was brought out on a silver platter.
I was so shocked.  The lid was lifted and all the
sudden my fella was on his knee. On the platter
was a diamond engagement ring.
 He was asking me to spend the
rest of my life with him and marry him!  I was sooo surprised!
It seemed everyone in the restaurant was watching us.
My fella shouted,
"She said YES!"
Everyone cheered for us.

It was such a memorable night for both of us!
I tend to reminisce more about the day after Valentines
than on the actual day.  Such a sweet, romantic night that was.

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