Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love is in the Air

It's a perfect day for it!
Super windy!
The freshly fallen snow is blowing all around,
swirling against the windows.
Yet, the bright sun shines through the panes.
So cozy hearing the wind howling out there.

"Guys, go up into the storage room and get the
Valentine's supplies."

Shouts of excitement were yelled!

Every Valentine's Day we get our mail
tower  and card supplies out.

I made the mail tower a few years ago.
I'm surprised it's held up so well.
It's cereal boxes wrapped in white paper with stickers.
Each person has their own slot.

Tim lifting Titus to put a Valentine in Jordan's slot.
It's so fun doing things like this with the boys.
They get so excited about the smallest things,
yet these small things make big memories for them.

It's also so cute hearing them spell eachother's names.

"Titus, it's J-O-R..."

"But how do you make a J?"

The guys that made some today have it figured out how
many they need to do each day to get them done in time.

"This is SO much fun, Mom!  I love Balentine's Day!"

This is the beginnings of my cards.  One year I didn't do much
with the cards.  I think I had morning sickness and felt very
unmotivated.  One of the older boys commented they missed my cards.
They could remember all the different kinds I had made in the past and said
his favorite one was the "I spy" card I made one year. 
This made such an impression on me.
They do notice the little things.  I've tried to do one every year
since this comment.

I want each day to be a special memory for the boys, but I realize
that probably won't happen.  So on the special
days we have together, I want to make our times fun and full of
great memories together!

This month is always a fun month together!



  1. there's lots of love in your household!! the future wives will appreciate all the effort you have put forth

  2. Just wanted you to know that I shared this idea in my latest "teaching" post on my blog. It was too cute to pass up! Thanks for the idea :-)