Monday, January 24, 2011

"Free" Heat

This morning, when I finally pulled myself out of the covers to brave the chilly air,
the thermometer read -4 degrees.
Thankfully my fella loaded up the stove before he left.  It didn't feel
too cold in here.  I did keep my 3 layers on, which helped.

The thermometer above is outside the kitchen window.
This was taken at noon.  It's not supposed to get out of the teens today.
Yikes, that's cold!

 This morning, Timothy bundled up, ran down and fed and
 watered his chickens.
Shortly after, he ran down again to gather some eggs
for Jordan.  He wanted some eggs when he got  home from work.
They were already beginning to freeze.

Not even Boomer likes to be out in this cold.  He
normally is an outside dog and prefers to be out.  But even he can't
stand to be out in this cold.

Days like today, I'm especially thankful for our "free" heat!
We're able to get wood to heat us all winter long right off our own land.
This is such a blessing in so many ways!

The boys have learned to work hard gathering, cutting, splitting and hauling
it to the lean-to and then to the house.

We don't have a heat bill.

Cozy memories are made gathering around the woodstove.
Titus and Addan run next to the woodstove right from their baths.
They'll be huddled close together, each wrapped in their towel, talking away
to eachother while warming and drying themselves off.

Wet snowsuits, hats and mittens are dried off for their next use
by the stove.

Even cooking can be done on the woodstove.

I love wood heat!

What a tremendous blessing the woodstove is!


  1. We had a woodstove when we lived in the mountains of NC - it was so perfect and cozy...not that much wood in ND...haha...

  2. We don't have the cold weather like you do, but for us it's been cold. We, too, use a wood stove.
    I think wood heat warms like no other heat in the world.