Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Planning and Work

Our church gave out calendars for the whole year.
This created talk and planning in our own home.  We know we want to have a
get-together to celebrate Jordan finishing his schooling this spring.

The church directory, our address book and a notepad were brought out.
We know how we to have it~ a short time of sharing by his Pastor, Grandfathers (if
they both can come) and then my fella.  Then sharing, eating and games.

So the first thing was who to invite.  We want this to be a special time for Jordan
so just the men who had a part of his life and their families are the ones who
were added to the list.

This was such a blessing!  So many men the Lord has blessed Jordan with.
As we talked over each person, Jordan would comment on what that man has done
for or with him.  He commented on more than one man that he considers his friend.

Some new names have been mentioned in our home lately.  These are the
men Jordan works with each day.



This new oppurtunity for both Jordan and Brendan has been such a HUGE
answer to our prayers!  We knew Jordan had a natural
 interest in working
with his hands and building.  The contractor's name was mentioned often
how it would be so great if Jordan could learn from him. 
God has worked
it all out and Jordan's learning so much.

Each day he gets home, I ask him what he did that day.
Today he helped hang the siding on the outside of the house.
Yesterday he was hanging the dry wall.

The days they work all day, a lunch is brought with them.  I asked them where they all eat.
The last time they all sat in the basement together eating and sharing
funny stories.  Jordan and Brendan come home retelling the stories to us.
What a great time of building memories with other Christian men.

They have also started playing basketball with some men associated
through my fella's school where he teaches.
Other men teachers, a Pastor from a local church and other
men.  Great to see the boys develop friendships and spread their
wings .  God is so good!

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  1. Love seeing where the boys work. This made me cry. To know Jordan and Brendan is to love them.