Friday, January 28, 2011

Lots of Tea

This weekend our church is hosting a Sportsman's Banquet.
I was asked to be in charge of the meal.
I absolutely love doing things like this!

When I asked what the drink on the menu was going to be, I was told iced tea.
BUT not the mix type, they preferred brewed tea.

Yesterday I started that project.
How many gallons of tea do you make for 125 men??

First, pots of water were put on the woodstove to heat up.

Once I got started on the project, I had all kinds of helpers.
First the glass gallon jars were gathered from the basement
and then washed.

Each jar was filled with 13 tea bags.

Little hands removed the paper wrappers.

 Addan helped Titus count to 13 (or close to it) :)

This is such hard work tearing the papers off and not losing
track of how many teabags I put in my jar!

The jars filled with tea bags waited by the sink for the next pot of
hot water.

Then the jars will filled with hot water and sugar to sweeten.
14 gallons of yummy tea are sitting by the door, ready to go to
church tonight.
Such fun memories working together with my little guys!


  1. I love Church suppers and I know how much work goes into them...and I love brewed tea too...that looks like such a fun project with your helpers!

  2. LOVE those guys! So cute! You sure are busy!!! I hope it all goes smoothly! You're so good at this type of thing. :)

  3. The wood stove is so handy. Nice having it right off the kitchen. What are you having for the meal? and dessert? I was wondering what was going on by reading your profile. I see your new (old) bucket on the counter that you got at the antique store. looks better than a plastic coffee container. I love it how the boys always gather around when you do something. Even in the moprning when we get up before you know it they one by one come and sit with us. So fun.