Friday, January 7, 2011

Skating by Candle Light

Because yesterday was the day Jordan and Brendan worked all day, the boys went skating
in the dark last night.

J and B just had their skates sharpened so they were so anxious
to try them out.  The first day with sharp skates and they're not home.
That's ok, we'll get all our flash lights, our glowing ball and candles.

I ran down to see how it was going.
I remember a time in my life when I would of been the one skating!
My childhood home in CT had 3 little ponds.
I spent hours and hours on that ice!  I loved to skate.
As soon as I got off the school bus, my skates were on and I
was gliding across the ice.

When I look out and see the boys skating, I remember those times.
I would love to skate with them but fear and household duties
limit that.
I'm so afraid to fall and break an arm or worse.
It takes so much time to bundle up and get those skates on so I rarely join them.

Maybe tomorrow, since there's no school.

My fella and I took a quick walk to the end of the road while the
boys skated and played hockey.
Kind of cozy walking in the dark, snow falling and hearing the muffled voices of the
boys and skates swooshing on the ice.

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  1. You brought back fun memories for me too. I loved those years and now I love seeing my daughters enjoy their children. And I get to enjoy them too. That was nice seeing the boys skating and at night!