Monday, January 17, 2011

Magnet and a Wooden Box

For some reason, I like to organize and tidy the home on Mondays.

Maybe because the weekend is always so busy and we're not home much
on Sundays.  I'm not sure, but it seems to be that way with me.

I've been doing laundry all day today.  I cleaned
off the dryer top.  It seems to become a catch-all for the pantry/laundry
room.  It was piled high with all kinds of clutter.

Now it's nice and tidy (well, almost!).

These are some of the things laying on the dryer next to the washers.

A book of matches~ found in a boy's pocket.  Must of been building a fire
out by his fort or maybe for burning the boxes in the burn pit.

A squeegie rubber~ My fella must of changed his blade to get
the windows squeaky clean.

A blue policeman~ a little treasure that must of fallen out a pocket.

Long, strong magnet~  This is actually  my  "tool".  Often I find little bb's
at the bottom of the washing machine.  The bb's fit right into the little
drain holes in the bottom.  I tried and tried to grab them and get them out but that
was much too difficult for my fingers.  This magnet gets them out with one quick
swipe around the bottom  of the washer.

Bullet shell~  memories of the last time we shot the targets together.

Hair Clippers~  these are used often in our home so they are right
where they are easy to find!

Oh, the treasures and reminders of the boys in my life!

From cleaning the dryer off, I reorganized one of the school shelves.
Addan was reading his list of words to me while I tidied up and restocked the shelf.

The wooden box holding the supplies has fond memories
My Grandmother had two hip surgeries, so getting in and out of her car was difficult.
My Grandfather would put a box by the door for her to stand on
so she could get in the car easier.
This is the box he used.  It looks real old and I love knowing it was
from them.

All the pencils and glues were in one big plastic tub.  It was all organized and I
knew where the stuff was but it looked sloppy.
I love seeing the room more tidy,,, for some reason it makes me feel calm when
my house is neat.

Memories while cleaning and organizing are such sweet treats to a
hum-drum job!

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  1. Hey, I've been organizing like crazy too! I can finally see the top of my craft table again!
    Love all the boy things you find. :)
    By the way, I think you need to buy some more glue. :)