Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hat and Sock Cuff

I so enjoy each week joining Ginny on her Yarn Alongs.  It motivates me to get some work done.

This week I finished the hat I started last week. 

Oh the socks!  What a trial!   I started a sock last week (in last week's Yarn Along) and it was such a pain!  I asked a knitting friend and she suggested using different yarn.
So I switched to sport weight yarn.
It's going much better!  (I was using fingering weight and it just seemed so much harder.  The first try I knitted a row with the tail.  The second try I knitted one row backwards.  I finally screamed and quit that wretched sock!!! )   I still can't figure out how to fix a dropped stitch (I think
that's what I'm doing wrong) so I have a little hole in one spot, ugh!  But no way am I starting over :)  These will be for me so I don't care about the little imperfections. 
I WILL finish a pair of socks, even if it makes me grey! :)

Our Pastor gave my fella and I book to read for our Sunday School classes.  My husband teaches the older teen boys and I do the girls.  It's been fun working together like that.  I'm SO excited about this new book.  We may be using it soon for our lessons each week.  It's a very practical book with many helpful lessons geared for their ages.  I'm so thrilled about it.

The other book, The Believer,  I'm still reading for leisure to put me to sleep each night.  I find if I read it helps calm my mind and puts me to sleep.  Although, this week has been rough.  I've been waking up all hours of the night thinking about this weekend.  I'm helping at church with a Sportsman's Dinner and I wake up all hours remembering things I have to remember to do.   Next week will be peaceful sleep again :)  BUT I love it!  I absolutely enjoy this type of work!

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  1. I'll bet those socks will end up being your most favorite pair when they're done, my first things always do. :)