Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's Inevitable

Maybe it's the new year.   Maybe it's hearing about resolutions.  Maybe it's hormones.
I'm not sure
But I've noticed alot of change in our lives lately.
Some I like, some I have to accept.

Both Jordan and Brendan got glasses this past year.
They both started college courses.
They both have their own vehicles.
They both got jobs outside the home.
They both shave!
Ugh, they're growing up!  It happened sooooo quickly!

Addan's learning to read. 
Only one left to teach to read.

Preparations are already being started for Jordan's graduation ceremony and party.

I'm starting a new Sunday School class.  I've taught the 2 and 3 year olds for a few years now. 
It was a very comfortable class for me.
I've been asked to teach older teen girls. Yikes, that's NOT comfortable for me.

And the worst change I've noticed is I'm losing my organized, calm, rational part of my brain.
I think when I turned the dreaded 40,
some of it left!

Yesterday was a cruel reminder.

Wednesday is music lesson day/grocery shopping day.

We left the house on time! Yeah!
I dropped Jordan off with the other 3 for piano lessons.  (Jordan and Brendan alternate weeks to add Luke to the lesson day, two hours is long enough
to have 4 Philbrick boys in her house!)

When I dropped them off for piano, I wrote the check for their lessons and realized it was the last check!
Ugh!  It was the first week of the month, so I had to
pay Jordan's guitar teacher too.

After I dropped Jordan off,  I headed to town to drop Brendan off.
Mark was removing the Christmas paintings on all the shop windows.
The town hires him to remove them.  He needed Brendan's help to get them done quicker.
I then headed to the bank to deposit Jordan's check and get him some cash.
I also withdrew money from the ATM machine for guitar lessons.

I then went back to get Jordan.
I dropped him off for guitar lessons and went to WalMart and Tractor Supply (chicken feed).

Jordan was done, got him and went to Aldi's.
While ringing up the huge cart of groceries, I grabbed my bank card and started to slide it in the machine.
I was thinking, I don't remember when the looks of the card changed...
and then it hit me.  It was the WRONG card!
The right card was gone!!! 
Man,  my nerves started to fly!!  Where was my card???
Oh no!!  I left it in the bank machine!

I quickly ran ouside, borrowed Jordan's cash (so thankful for "loaded" sons!), and
paid for the groceries!

I then had to run back to the bank.  This was SO stressful because we had to leave 45 minutes
earlier for church that night, to stop and pick up Brendan's new glasses.
I knew I was already pressed for time and now my air-headedness was making me run back to the bank.

I ran into the bank and asked the teller if she could get it.
She looked so annoyed. I'm sure she was wondering how someone could be SO stupid to
forget their card in the machine!
After filling out paperwork, I finally left for home with groceries, my bank card, and some of my brain
still in tact.

I frantically made supper and we left on time!  Wow!  But man, was it ever stressful!
Brendan got his new glasses and was so amazed at how his 
"new" world looks! 

I sure hope this is the worst it's going to get!


  1. anyone who is juggling that much will be prone to error ... you do great keeping track of everything! Love ya!!

  2. WOW! You made it this far with calmness. It is normal to have a day like this. Many moms have these days every day. You are such a good mom. I admire all that you do. Your boys are turning out to be such great young men!
    So glad your card was there. Does the machine gobble it up if you don't take it in a certain amount of time?....if so that is good to know for us true ditzes that have days like this more often than not:)

  3. OH by the way I Love the new look of your blog too!