Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Sister's Prayers

It's always the simple, unexpected things in my life that make me smile.

Last night after church, a dear friend said she
had something for me.
She gave this picture to me.

I commented how much I liked it and asked if she framed it.
(She has signed the back so I was curious if she had framed it).

She started to explain that it was her Mom's.  Then
she started to just cry and cry.

Her Mom had a step-sister.  The two sisters were not allowed
to be with eachother while they were growing up.
One sister lived in CA and the other in NY.
She explained how the two tried to be close
through correspondence.
My friend's Mom loved her sister and it broke
her heart to not be close to her.
She said she loved her sister and prayed for her and loved her
Then my friend cried and she felt that way about me.
She loved me  and prayed for me!
I was so humbled and honored she'd feel that way
for me!
I was totally shocked and started to cry with her.
What a sweet, precious memory she shared with ME!

I hung it over my dresser.  When I see it I'll think of a
dear friend that is praying for me!

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