Saturday, August 21, 2010

Yard Sale tips

This morning Mark and I went yard saling.  They were in Wellsburg, the little town near us.  We've gone the last few years and always find "treasures."  As we drove through the main street, we noticed there weren't near as many as there usually is.  One house usually always has great finds and it didn't appear they were doing it. Bummer!  She always has great boy's clothes for great prices.  As we headed back, we noticed she was opening up her garage and pulling tables of clothes out!  Yippee!  We filled a huge trash bag with clothes, including: 2 winter coats, 2 pairs of sneakers, 4 pairs of jeans, about 4 zip up sweatshirts, 15 long sleeve shirts, and some summer clothes.  All of the clothes were good quality clothes with little or no stains.  The mother was commenting how the boy had play clothes so these school clothes hardly got any stains on them.  As she totalled the clothes up, she commented that one of the shirt probably cost what we paid for ALL the stuff!   We found some other great finds at the other sales!  It always feels so good coming home and looking over all our bargains, knowing we saved so much.

Here are some tips we've learned along the way.

Offer half unless it already seems like a super deal.  Even if it's already a great deal, you can add one item and ask for them both for the one price.  Today I got alittle wooden school box and it was priced for $1.  I wanted one book priced for .25 so I asked if I could have both for $1 and she gladly accepted it.

Quickly pass over the knick knacks.  No one needs more of these and they end up being clutter and dust collectors in the home.  Know exactly what you like and ONLY get those special finds!

Have a list or mental list of your children's clothes needs.  Last winter I mentally wrote my list.  Tim needed a new coat, Titus needed some pants and winter shirts.  Brendan wants some size 12 ice skates.    I have never bought the boys a full priced coat.  I wait until clearance at the stores or better yet, a yard sale. 

Don't pay more than $1 for clothes.  Unless it's a real deal or a larger item, I never pay more than $1 for clothes!  Mark is the shoe-king in our home, he always finds the boys shoes at yard sales.  We go through sneakers and he always picks up pairs- always for less than $1 a pair! 

Titus in his "new" sneakers.

Always wait to buy videos/DVD's at yard sales.  What was so popular last year, will be at every yard sale this year.  Today we got 5 DVD's for $4 and one was specifically asked for this summer as a Birthday present but I wouldn't pay full price for it.  When I spotted it today, I almost cheered.  I'll pull it out tonight after baths and everyone's ready for bed and we'll watch it together.  When you hear all the shouting,, it was the boy's excitement.

Pray before you go.  The Lord is so sweet with the little finds He gives us.  We needed a twin mattress and today we got one that was clean and in great shape.  I looked at it and told Mark to do the "sniff test" and as we were walking over to it,, the owner said, "Are you interested in that?"  I answered we were and she said because it was so late in the day (it was only 9:30am) and she didn't want to have to cart it back inside, we could have it for $2!  Luke was so excited to have a "new" mattress!  We made his bed up all cozy with clean sheets and he was happy as a clam!  I know it's the Lord blessings to us!  He's so good!

Do you have any tips you want to share?  Comment your tips too!

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  1. if you have a number of children, always look for bikes that are in decent condition, and sneakers ... bikes are a classic passtime for kids, and sneakers don't last long .... both bicycles and shoes are expensive new! I got 8 pair of sneakers and sandals today for $ 2, and a bike that was in great condition for $ 8!