Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tim's coop

Last night,  Mark finished Timothy's coop.  His birds were in the two moveable coops and the peep meat birds were in a fenced corner of the garden.  The peeps were getting too big for the area and Tim's needed to go into a coop with a nesting box as they were starting to lay.

Mark was working on this coop every spare chance he got before we went to camp and after.  Yeah, it's done!  He just has to add a nesting box but that can wait til he gets a chance.

Hunter stepped right up and helped Mark finish it up.  Silas also enjoyed helping his Dad.  Such good team workers!

They seemed to enjoy the space but couldn't figure out how to get into the little coop part.  That part had their nesting poles but because it was getting dark when we put them in, they didn't seem to know to go inside.  We'll see if they figure it out tonight..

 These are the meat birds in their new homes.    Only a few more weeks and their home will be the freezer :)

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