Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Camp Clothes"

Next Monday Mark, Jordan, Brendan, Hunter and I are going to teen camp with the teens from church.  This will be our first time to camp together.  I think I'm alittle more excited to go than Mark is.  :)

The camp has very good dress standards.  I'm thankful for this.  Things are SO different when you're trying to rear boys who keep themselves pure in action and in thought.  I've seen our older boys put in situations where they HAVE to look at immodestly dressed girls and they either turn their heads or try not to look.   I feel badly for them when it's an older woman and they are caught between being respectful and talking  to the woman but also not trying to look too much.   Low tops are terrible,, how do you look at a woman and look her in the eyes when her top is so immodest? 

God's Word is clear how a woman's body affects a man.  But this is meant to be between a man and wife.  How hard we make it for men when they can see what only her husband should see!  This has become so much more visible to me seeing our boys (who are normal boys with hormones!) turn their heads so not to look.  I pray they stay that sensitive and are blessed with a godly woman as their wife!  What a sweet blessing it is!

I've been frantically sewing skirts with "shorts" built right into them.  This is to make outdoor sports more doable and also modest.  Too bad, I've had to tear out many times the errors I've made!  Guess this will build my patience! :)  I am on the last pair right now, then I can start packing and cleaning the house.  My Mom is coming to stay with the younger boys while we're at camp.

This is the first pair I did.  They came out ok with no real mistakes,, now the second pair!!  That one was a challenge getting the zipper in right!  But alas, I conquered it!!


  1. That is exactly what I have been looking for. Where did you get the pattern? I hate wearing culottes! I'd like to make some for Bethany too. really appreciate your article, as I see my boys doing the same thing.

  2. I got the pattern from Christianwomanhood.org It's the style C pattern.
    Have fun Tammy!
    It's so hard having boys in today's society!

  3. I make and use those same culottes, and love them! I love to make them with buttons on the slits in the skirt. That way it is easy to turn them into a "skirt", or unbutton them for activities. So cute!

    Thank you for the effort you take in raising your boys to be gentlemen. Their wives will appreciate it someday! It is such a struggle, not only for Christian young men, but for us girls as well! I love to cheer for those families that are trying their best in this area. Go you!

  4. Yeah! I ordered them...I think I can use the same pattern for Bethany!
    Good idea Nicole!

  5. oops Dan's email was up. I really don't understand computers!