Friday, August 27, 2010

More Bags

This week was our first full week completed of school.  We've got 7 this year in school; kind of sad, we'll never have all eight together in school.  Unless, of course, I count Jordan doing college courses at home while Titus is in school. 

I forgot how much sitting is involved with the younger grades.  I basically am sitting all morning.  To help with my sanity, I've been doing alot of sewing.  So I can go from sitting at the "school" table to the sewing machine at short intervals.  This really helps keep me focused and not go crazy! :)

This week I started some felting projects and made two bags.  I love the bags.  I think I'll price them high so if they don't sell, I can give them as gifts :)  I loved making these!   I had the pieces all cut out for a quilt I was going to make for my bed.  I started another quilt so these pieces were just sitting next to my sewing machine. (I hadn't gotten enough fabric so I was kind of avoiding it. I didn't want to buy more fabric and then  the whim hit me to use the pieces  for a bag!  I didn't feel so badly about the time spent cutting and money spent on the fabric.)

The inside pocket


  1. I love your material. Where do you get it? I'm going to attempt those culottes this week. Bethany wants me to make a pair for her for round up Sunday.

  2. I think I got most of the fabric for the bags at a quilt shop near us. It was mostly fat quarters. Have fun making the culottes, they were fun to make!