Monday, August 23, 2010

First of Many

Today was the first day of the new school year!  We are off to a good start!  The boys were so excited to get their new books and plans for the year. 

I have also been prepping them for the new themes starting the first day of school.  Monday is family game night.  So after supper we have family devotions and then the fun night theme. 

Let me back up though, Mark started something new for today too.  He warned the boys that he was going to check all the bedrooms for the clean check.  If their room was clean and it passed, that room got a quarter in their jar.  The cleanest room is free from supper dish duty.  I had forgotten about the clean rooms and was wondering why the vacuum was going and so much cleaning was going on.  When Mark got home, he went and checked each room.  So right before supper, he made each group name their room.  Jordan and Titus' room is called "Solomon's Palace",  Silas and Luke's room is "the Ant Hill" and Brendan, Tim, Addan and Hunter's room is "Noah's Ark".  Solomon's Palace got a quarter but Mark had mercy since Titus had just run in and left his boot in the middle of the clean room.  Noah's Ark got a quarter and the cleanest room award!  The Ant Hill didn't win today because the vacuum was left in the middle of the room.  It was so fun hearing them pick names and laughing together.

After supper, we all sat at the dining room table for family devotions.  I found a study to use together as a family and printed all the lessons out and made notebooks for the 8 of us.  Titus and Addan sat and colored at the little table next to us.  The study takes you through the whole Bible in 4 years.  It has work sheets and verses to learn together.  What fun to do together!

After devotions, we played a round of Balderdash!  I was quite thrilled,, it was the first time I've ever won!  It's quite interesting playing with two boys who mix words up and can't read Dad's writing!  Such fun memories together! 

Tuesday is family hike night.  Should be fun :)

PS:  Our room is called the Garden of Eden and it didn't pass.   Once there is enough quarters in the jar, that team gets to eat out at the restaurant of their choice.  Food is always a great rewarder with our boys!!!


  1. I'm so glad we've met through "blogland" ! We have family fun night also, but it's on Friday nights and it always seems to revolve around food! :o) What is the name of the study you are doing?
    Great to "meet" you!

  2. Nice to "meet" you Kami :)
    I found the study online. It's and it's called Through the Bible with my Child by Charles Sharman. It was alot of printing out. We do the study every week night (except Wed) right after supper. So far it's been working great. It was hard for us to do something consistent and that interested all the ages. This is straight from the Bible so we can all read along in our own Bible and then answer the questions in our own notebooks. The younger two color at the table next to us, they enjoy being in the same room with us and can listen.