Monday, August 16, 2010


This year we decided to take the teens from church and our three teens to teen camp.  It's a camp that's run by a local church.  The church rents out the campground and runs the program.  Some of our teens from church went last year and loved it so we thought we'd go to see what it was like.  Mark wasn't too thrilled about going.  He knew he'd have to work double the week before and double the week after camp to catch up.  School for him also starts next week, so his heart wasn't totally into going but he's such a good father.  He knew he wouldn't have them go without him!

Hunter, Matt Miller, Brendan, Mark and Jordan

Hunter also didn't want to go.  He's a home body and would rather stay home.  Both Mark and I felt the week before that he needed to go with us.  Hunter wasn't too thrilled about it but came willingly. (He also didn't "want" to go to the Wellsboro camping trip and had lots of fun once he went.)
Hunter is 13 and seems to be at the stage of letting go of boyhood and stepping into more of a helpful teen.  At times,  I struggle with how to handle him.  So my heart was so heavy and prayful that God would work on his heart through all the teaching at camp.

The camp had 3 preaching sessions, one in the morning and 2 back to back in the evenings.  They were VERY challenging and full of good life lessons.  God laid on my heart to pray especially for Hunter and one teen girl.  After the first session, I got to pray with the girl.  I asked her if she wanted to pray and she said no, to just have me pray with her.  So I prayed with her and talked some with her.  I mentally prepared myself that I would try and talk with a different girl after each meeting.  The next meeting (Tuesday night), after the message the same girl came right up to me and asked me to go up with her and pray with her.  I asked her why she came forward.  She replied, "I know I need to be saved.  I went forward before because of peer pressure and I know I need to be saved!"  I showed her verses from I John how she could KNOW she's saved.  She sweetly trusted Jesus as her Savior!  My heart was so happy to be able to share with her.  I prayed again with her Thursday night after a meeting and asked her the same question, do you want to pray and she replied this time, "yes!"  My heart was so happy again!  This girl has a battle in front of her with her home and public school system so I'll be praying for her daily!  So sweet to see the Lord work!

I prayed and prayed during the meetings for the Lord so work on Hunter.  Each time I'd see him during the day, I pray for the Lord to work.  I know it's nothing I can do to change his heart, it has to be the Word and his heart to be yielded to what he hears.  God's Word and principles were so clearly (all things we also teach at home!) emphasized.  It was WONDERFUL!  I was so happy!  I could begin to see Hunter's spirit change and him become more open.  Mark shared with me how Hunter also seemed more open to him.

Today at home,  Hunter has taken good leadership with his brothers, he answers me sweetly, he cleaned up the whole kitchen, he's helped me without me asking but mostly, his whole countenace seemed sweet and happy!  My heart has felt nothing but joy all day today!  God is SO faithful!  I know our training is not over but am so encouraged to see Him so specifically answer prayer.

The camp we went to is called Commonground Baptist Camp.  Mark and I never thought we'd ever find a camp that was so like-minded.  The camp director is the most liked man we've ever met in real life!  It was so neat to see that.  Our boys were so encouraged to see another family teaching the same things we teach and their children were our boys ages so it was so encouraging for them to see other teens in homes like theirs.   It was a such a good time in our lives with our boys and see them encouraged by the Lord!  I'm SO thankful for His goodness and blessings!

My Mom came up here to stay with our younger 5.  She's such a giving, serving, loving Grandmother!  God has blessed us with such wonderful Grandparents on both sides!  I didn't worry about my Mom doing something against our wishes but knew she'd be another good influence in their lives!  I love my Mom!

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