Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chirping Crickets

I was just finishing up the last of the pillowcases for today (yippee!  I reached my goal today.  Each day I give myself a goal and today was 5 pillowcases and bake bread and I just finished the 5th pillowcase and put the bread in bags!  I love the feeling that brings), and I could hear the boys playing ball outside but could also hear the constant chirp of the crickets.  What  a pleasant sound.  It's so neat how sounds and smells can instantly bring back memories and feelings.   What a neat thing our senses are!  God is so awesome with His creation!!!

Just the sound of the crickets brings back two distinct memories.  It reminds me of fall.  My parents live at a inner city camp (the camp is in the country but city kids come out to it every week of the summer and every weekend of the school year).  Fall was the sad ending of summer camp and switching gears from having weekends free to them being filled again with camp.  School started.  On Mondays (Dad's day off) we always took day trips.  I can remember many going to Amish country together and stopping at the Amish stands and getting fall produce.  We'd come home,  Mom would cook some of the veges and we'd watch movies together.  Such fun fall memories!

The other feeling the crickets brought was when Mark and I were newly weds.  We rented the first floor of a town house.  You had to go under a little entry way to get into our home.  The fall brought tons of crickets!  They would always make it into the house as we rushed in.  I can remember many a night, laying in bed, hearing a cricket out in the kitchen.   Life was such a fun adventure (I think life will always be an adventure being married to Mark!!!) and just the sound of the crickets brings back those cozy memories!  It brings a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart!

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