Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Potatoes part 1

I know this is the second post in one day, but I got most of the school preparations done and had to see how the potatoes did.  We had an extremely dry season so I wasn't sure how they'd do.  So Silas, Luke, Tim, Addan and Titus helped me dig them up.

They named these tiny ones marbles.

It was kind of tricky because our ground is so rocky and dry.  I didn't want to dig into the potatoes and cut them.  (The ones I accidentally did that to, the boys named the "jipped" ones.  They were all put into a separate box to eat right away. 

I dug up 4 rows and was totally covered in sweat!  But it was so exciting to see how big each one was! 

We also filled up a 5 gallon bucket with rocks.  In the fall I want to cover the entire garden with a foot of leaves and then mulch.  I want the ground to be more loose and less hard and rocky. 

My last helper disappeared, I found him here so cozy!

His foot is red and swollen from a bee sting.  He obviously still didn't learn to keep his shoes on while outside. 

Here's the ones we dug up so far.  This is probably half of what we'll get!  I'm so happy!  Next year I want to plant double this and not have to buy any potatoes and grow all our own!  What a blessing!


  1. Whoa! Good job, that's so many! We were calling our teeny ones "marbles", too :). I'm bummed that we got so little of everything, but I have to keep reminding myself that this year was my "test" year. Next year, I definitely know what I want to plant more of and what I'd rather shell out for at the store ( eggplant, what a joke! I got one eggplant from each of two plants). Poor Titus, give him a kiss for me :).
    You got some monster potatoes. Now I'm excited to go out and see what we've got from the ones I left in the ground.

  2. Titus is soooo cute. Poor bee sting boy! What great potatos though! I love growing our own stuff, soooo rewarding. Nothing compares to the feeling of getting food from plants we've taken care of and knowing we're feeding the family healthy stuff. And knowing God cares about the little things, like making potatos grow under the ground where nobody even sees what's going on. What fun! And doesn't it feel good to sweat! I mean really sweat, like when you were a kid. Of course, it only feels good knowing a shower will come later. :)