Friday, April 29, 2011

Tea Cups

Next week, our church is hosting a  Mother/Daughter Tea.
Our Pastor's wife is organizing it.
She's chosen the theme of Precious Memories.
Remembering times of being with our mothers.
So the decorations are leaning towards a victorian type style.

This morning, the boys and I dug out all my tea cups.
I started collecting them when I was 15.
I remember loving the delicate detail of a china tea cup.
Beautiful flowers, swirls, gold etching, etc. 
Everything about them made it fun to collect.
I think I also envisioned having delicate, flowery tea parties with 
my daughters all dressed in beautiful dresses.
How funny life is some times!
You envision and plan with no control of the outcome.
I guess I can still envision and plan of doing those fun memories with my
boy's wives and their (MAYBE) daughters! :)

As I washed them and looked at each one, 
memories started coming to mind..
Such sweet memories.

This is one of my first tea cups.  
My father got me it.
My Dad is a giver.  He's always shown his love by giving us gifts.
He's not a touchy, huggy type man.
But he'd bring us gifts often , telling us he was thinking of us
and that he loves us!
My sister Tonya gave me this one.

My parents moved us to PA to join a ministry called
Teen Haven.  Tonya and I were both young teen girls.
They also started home schooling us after we moved there.
This caused Tonya and me to become close friends.
(Another plus for home schooling!
You get real close to your siblings who will always 
be part of you so why not become dear friends!?!?)
I remember my childhood and into teen years with the fondest 
memories of being with Tonya!
So this tea cup always brings back smiles.

These two were gotten during a trip to Canada.  
My Bootsie Grandma (my Mom's Mother) and Aunt Rosie
got me these two.
I was real close to my Grandmother while growing up.  I cleaned her house 
on Saturdays and have lots of memories of her.
My Aunt Rosie is more like an older sister.
She was single most of the years I was growing up.
Rosie and my Mom are real close so she spent alot of time with us.
The wonderful memories of being with Aunt Rosie are numerous!
I love the blessings of a close family!

My Mother in Law got me this one on a trip to Argentina.
When my fella was just a little boy, my in-laws moved 
their family to another country to serve the Lord.
I can imagine it must of been a bit scary at times and also 
very lonely.  I'm very thankful for the Godly example she is to many ladies
and to me.
She is still a woman who strives to live each day for the Lord!
Thankyou Mom for this reminder of you!

These three are some of my favorites that my sweet fella got me.
While we lived in ME, he would get me one each year for Resurrection Sunday.
I love the memories of being together in ME.
We were able to spend much time together as a family on the beach,
lake or in the cold winter.  Maine is a very beautiful state
and we enjoyed being there together as a family.
My fella has always spoiled me! :)

What a blessing to share the tea cups with ladies and their
daughters as they make memories together!


  1. Tammy, I love teacups also. I would love to have as many as you do! It's always special when friends come for tea!