Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yarn Along Hat

I haven't gotten nearly as much knitting done lately.
I've been outside more working on things like this:

The lighter colored wood chips is all added garden.
The boys commented that soon the whole front yard will be gardens!

I did manage to finish this last night.

My goal is to make one for each of the boys for Christmas.
One down, eight to go!

I've been reading home-schooling books,  catalogues,
manuals, etc lately.  This is the time of year I get the books for next year.
Next year will be the most we've had in school at once.
Titus will start school and it will be Brendan's last year.
We'll have seven in school!  Wow! 
This is the science I'll be using for four of the boys next year.
I'm real excited about it!

What are you using for science?  I've always lacked in science.
I don't care for any of the curriculums for the younger grades
we've used so far, so I'm hoping this one will be

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