Monday, April 11, 2011

Sling Shot Tutorial

I've just completed three in less than 15 minutes so this is a very quick
toy that your boy will love for hours!

First send your boy on a search for a branch that is thick and strong.
It also needs to be in the shape of a Y.

I used 1 inch wide elastic. 
Sew a loop on one end of the elastic.  Make it a little smaller than how
wide the stick is.  This will prevent it from sliding up and down the stick.

Cut the elastic about 7-8 inches long and then sew another loop on the
other end.  Stretch and slide it over the other end of the stick.

Give to smiling boy with strick instructions-

NO shooting live creatures!
NO shooting towards people!
NO shooting towards the house, cars, neighbors houses, etc!
ONLY shoot at trees and non-living objects!


  1. This is awesome! My son will love it and it's so simple I think even I can make it! GREAT JOB!

  2. What if a bear is chasing you? Can you use it on them?

  3. Ruthie used to shoot snakes out of the tree over the stream! Would that be allowed? I still have her sling shot. Yours look great.