Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring Fun

I've been super busy these last few weeks. 
This poor blog has been terribly  neglected.

Today I took a break from some sewing and went outside 
in search of some violets.
I was going to try and make some sugar coated ones
to put on a dessert I'm making for the Ladies' Tea at church Saturday.

Today was a gorgeous day!
We've had so much rain that the sun seemed extra cheerful!

See what we found in the back field.  It was safely
snug in one of the pine trees.
Mom bird flew off the eggs for a bit for us to all take a peek.

We didn't find any violets in the back field.
BUT we did find some on the edges of the pond.  
Addan followed along with me, chattering away about his day.

After we found enough vioelets, I went inside and followed a recipe.
It was a flop.  Nothing really wasted but it was a fun time 
with the boys.

My fella tilled one of the vegetable gardens on Saturday.
Look how wonderful it looks!

The ground is so dark and ready to be planted!
Our frost date is June 1st so the warmer veges have to wait.
I have some spinach, lettuce and peas 
tucked neatly under that nice dirt though.

I just love the warmer days of spring and the treasures around us.

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  1. I know this sounds funny. But, I love your dirt! We have red clay. And I do mean clay the rain runs right off of it! It takes a lot of compost just to get ready for planting. You really need to do Pansy's they work better then violets :)