Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pond for Pleasure

Yesterday was simply gorgeous!
Warm, breezy and sunny!
Once school was done, the pleading started.

"Can we get the raft out?" was asked over and over.

My Uncle and Aunt gave the boys a raft in the fall.  
In the back of the boy's minds was the raft all winter long.
As soon as the pond thawed, the pleading started.
I may be crazy but letting them float in the raft when the ice just thawed
was even too much for me!
I knew there was NO way they'd get in the raft and not get their bodies wet!

So yesterday was the perfect day.
While I hung out the laundry, I could hear the yells, 
splashes and fun!  

Addan looks on.
Soon he joins in the fun!

Yikes!  Don't splash, the water is COLD!

Oh, the life of a young boy!
What fun memories they make together!

Today they have pink, sun burned shoulders to 
remind them of the fun they had yesterday.


  1. Fun! Hopefully they didn't get too wet!

  2. Oh, they got wet! They all jumped in at least once and then got nice warm showers :)

  3. such fun! I miss my boys being those ages :(