Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cold Frame, A Bag and Too Many Kittens!

Ahhh, a Saturday home together.
Nothing to do today but stay put.

It was perfect timing for our feline friend to go into labor.
She wanted so badly to have them under Brendan's bed,

but Brendan would not have it!
So she settled for Luke's bed.

This was quite the experience for the younger guys.
Titus kept yelling to me all the updates.

When it first started he informed me the cat had a bubble coming out.
Then he yelled, "Mom!  She ate the bubble!"

Next the yelling started that she had one.
"Mom!  She laid one so far!"

(I took all the good bedding off and put an old blanket down)

The middle guys and I spread our wood chips in my garden.
This year I want to fence in all the garden.
In the past, half was fenced in but then I expanded it.
So, the path in the middle joins the two gardens.

Tim getting a load of wood.  Wood-burning season is finally winding
down.  Only 1-2 loads a day compared to many a day.

"Mom, she's had another one!"
I heard yelled out the window.

I could hear my fella working in the shed.

Look what he built me! 
I'm so happy!  I'm going to use it to plant an early crop of greens.

After we finished mulching the path,
I went inside to do inside work.
Fold the laundry that dried on the line,  start baking
for a Sunday School snack and finish a project I had started last night.

I took an old skirt.
Cut the bottom off below the pockets.
Made a liner with pockets
and added some handles.

I made it with bright spring colors.

Ribbon and buttons add some fun.
I just emptied my winter bag and put my stuff in here.
It's a bit big so may end up being more of a craft bag or book bag.
I love bags!

Our Kitty ended up have five kittens.

It'll be a day the boys all remember!


  1. It's nice having all that help from your guys!! Hope you find happy homes for your kittens. It sounds like Tonya could use a good mouser!!!

  2. So cute! I love the bag. You did a great job!

  3. How sweet!! Nothing like the fun of watching kittens being born and then grow up!! LOVED your cold frame and mulching...Ooooo, so fun! LOVED that bag! What a GREAT idea!!! You're so busy!!