Monday, April 11, 2011

Wrong-Foot Bandit

What a gorgeous morning in April!
Once Tim and Luke ran out and fed their chickens, the pleading started.
"Mom, PLEASE can we do our school outside on the patio?"
I finally gave in, with many "rules".
NO talking to eachother.
No getting out of your seat.
NO wandering around!
AND TRY to stay focused!

I knew these would be very difficult to follow.
But this one of the joys of the life of a boy.
Sitting outside, feeling the warm air blowing through your buzzed hair,
dreaming of the plans for the rest of the day.

I heard, "Jordan, when I'm done with school, I'm running up to the pine trees
in the back woods and getting some of the soft branches to make a slingshot!"
I'm sure the fractions, adverbs and nouns didn't triggar these thoughts!

While the school was slowly getting worked on,
I began planting some seeds.

I turned the lovely dirt over.  Hello worms!
There's something so rewarding about putting a shovel into the black
dirt and flipping it over!  All that lovely compost rotted over time
making black gold for my plants!

I filled the cold frame with seeds and put some rows around it.
This is my first time using a cold frame so this is all trial and error
for me.  It'll be good to compare the progress as the seeds are side by side.

The fencing is my attempt to keep little feet and guinnea feet out of the patch.
It's also a reminder to me where I planted the seeds.

As I worked, Luke's poor flock was getting chased by the wrong-foot bandit!

"Titus! Don't hit them with the stick! Just chase them but don't hit the poor creatures!"

"What did you say Mom?"

"Oh Titus!  Can't you ever get your shoes on the right feet?"

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  1. Love having blogs to see what's going on in yours and the boys lives. What a fun life. Where did you get those seeds? Will that fence keep the guinea's out???