Thursday, April 7, 2011

Music in Our Home

Sing unto the Lord a new song,
and his praise from the end of the earth.
Isaiah 42:10

This morning I was reminded so vividly about the music in our home.

The older boys all take piano lessons.
Jordan started taking lessons when he was seven years old.
Right now we have five of the boys taking lessons.

Since I don't know music well enough to start teaching them,
we make them take at least one year of piano.
I felt it was important to learn the basic concept of music,
notes, timing, etc. 
After the first year, we see if they still have an interest.
Then once they get alittle older, the lessons then become
their choice.  I didn't want to have to battle with getting
them to practice each day.

So far none of them have wanted to quit.  We ask them at the beginning
of each school year if they WANT to continue lessons.
So far none of them have said they wanted to.
I'm very thankful for that!

At times the pounding of unfamiliar notes (it doesn't even sound
like music yet!), can drive me batty!

This morning was a reminder of that!

It seems each year we've had the Indian Dance.
The song sounds just like the name.
It's basically pounding of the same notes over and over!
I think they do it so LOUDLY to especially wrack my nerves.

But this morning as Luke was playing it, I was
reminded of what  a blessing music is in our home.
If there's a boy in a room, I can hear music being sung, played or listened to.
It's such a blessing that they all enjoy music.

Mrs Goble, the boy's piano teacher is a wonderful lady!
The boys love her and she makes their lessons so fun.
Each week, I hear funny stories she shares or does.

2009 Piano Recital

When I stop to pick the older boys up from lessons,
the younger ones run to Mrs Goble's door, excited to see her come
and greet them!  She makes them laugh and lets them come in for a few minutes.
What fun she is!

I'm so thankful for the boy's music and laughter in our home!
It's sweet noise to my ears (most of the time!) :)


  1. I think every student has an Indian song somewhere along the way! I know we did, and FINALLY Carrie has had it, so that is everyone. Finally, we are DONE with it! :) Ironic that at that age it is their favorite song of all time! It is a joy to see them enjoying their music though.

  2. Liked the pictures. Cute seeing J with Titus in his arms. And Luke playing now. I love going to their recitals. It's nice Mrs. Goble plays good music. What a fun life! So thankful for the boys.

  3. I love going to my grandchildren's and hearing them play. Mrs. Goble must be an excellent teacher or the boys would have quite a long time ago..