Friday, April 8, 2011

If You Met Me

I'm joining Five Minute Friday.
If you met me.....

As I pondered  this thought, it all depended on how you met me.
If you met me alone, you will find I like to do crafts.
I love doing things with my hands.
I love to garden.
And I love my family.
I try to live my life based on God's Word and things He's taught me.

I am a very black and white type person.
Things are either right or wrong.  There tends to be no in between.
That can cause me to be opinionated.
I try to see things from the other side but often times it's very difficult!
I am also not very organized.
I used to be.
But as I've gotten older, my thoughts and words get so twisted.
My lefts and rights get confused.
The names I call my boys get mixed up.
I can't remember where I put things last.
I can't remember why I went into a room, trying to find something.

This brings me to the other thought,
IF you met me with my whole family.

The discussion would be totally on how I do it.

You see, I live in a house with nine other people.
Those other people are all of the male gender!
My sweet fella and I have eight sons!
Yes, they're all ours!
Yes, we know how much they cost!
AND YES, we know they eat ALOT!

If you met me with my gang, the discussion is often about
my life with them.

WOW!  that was fast!


  1. Please tell me you have a girl dog? Just for you...that you dress all in pink bows? Just have a lovely quiver of boys! You are obviously most blessed!! I enjoyed your post today!

  2. Five minutes was not enough!! :) You are a fun and wonderful person!! It's funny to think of what others might think of us. I always things of you as strong and truthful, but also as so much fun, creative and able to do whatever you put your mind to, and in such an efficient way; a great leader and delegator, but one who is doing the most work while delegating; a great cook, a great friend, a loyal wife and sister and friend; a person who sees needs and meets them; very giving and compassionate. Is my five minutes up yet? :) I could write much more!!!

  3. Hey, where's the like button for the comment above? Love ya!!

  4. hmmmm...great I want to know, how do you do it? :)

  5. Wow, you still did better than I did. My mind went blank. Good job!

  6. Awe Tonya! You're so sweet! Love you dearly! I'm so blessed with a sister such as you!