Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Turning 40

The day started with relaxing in bed early in the morning reading a blog.  The Lockwood Family
Then the phone rang.  I ran down and answered it.  It was a man from church wishing me a Happy Birthday!  How thoughtful,, he had just turned 73 so I guess he wanted to wish me a welcome to the aging club! :)  (He doesn't act 73 at all,, I hope I can be like that!)   Then my Uncle Al called and chatted with me too!  How fun!  I felt so special.

Mark took the day off from school, so he went and did his window jobs early and came home at 11:30 and made me lunch.
He came home with a card, roses and my favorite ice cream! 

He's so sweet!!!
I opened my cards and gifts.  I got some Resee Cups, $15 to spend at shops,  a sweatshirt (I was told it was because I always borrow their's), a chocolate bar and a special gift from Titus.

Titus said this is a light up thing but it's all used up!  So funny!

Mark got me a swanky, fancy camera!  I wanted one that didn't take so long in between shots,, he went all out!
My favorite:  Mark's chocolate sauce!  SOOO yummy!!!
Then we loaded up and went to Wellsboro.  I went to the shops while Mark and the boys went to the park.  I spent my Birthday money on some much needed fabric (VERY funny, if you only saw my fabric supply!!!  You can NEVER have enough fun fabric though!!). 
Then we went to the PA Grand Canyon.  The boys flew down the hill.  I ended up staying at the near top with Titus.   I used the time to practice taking pictures with Titus.
Once the boys all made it down and back up, we went to the playground.  Brendan was throwing the ball in the field behind us and about six deer walked right up behind him!  It was so neat.
Mark and his buddies that made it back and up with him!
It was a fun day, filled with feeling special and fun memories.  It hasn't been so bad being over-the-hill, so far!

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    Looks like you celebrated in style!! Great to have so many around you to show you they love you and want to share in your birthday with you!! God has blessed you abundantly!!
    Consider yourself HUGGED!! P.S. You are only at the 'beginning' of 'being over-the-hill' lol
    Love, Mercy