Monday, September 20, 2010

The Letter D

This year Addan is learning to read.  I have a love/hate for this time of their lives.  It's so exciting to see them getting it and starting to put words together but the selfish side of me dislikes it because it's so time consuming.  I've only got two more boys to teach to read so it's getting to be more on the love side :)
This year I added another curriculum to Addan's school load.  It's called Heavenly Homemakers.

Each week we work on the a new letter.  The first day, I introduce the letter and it's sound.

Last week was the letter D.   So on Monday I showed him the letter D and said "dddd" over and over to him.  I sang the little song to him.

The letter Dd says ddd
The letter Dd says ddd
Like dog and dad and daffodil
The letter Dd says ddd.

tune is to Farmer in the Dell

Then we start the verses that start with the letter D.  We'll be learning them all week.

The verses were:

Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Ps 37:4
Depart from evil and do good.  Ps 34:14

Once I know Addan knows the sound, I ask him for things that start with the ddd sound.  I attempt the draw those things.  This is alway fun!! :)

Then we think of people that start with the ddd sound.  Addan thought of  the Denses (a family in our church), his Uncle David,   David Boynton (his friend in ME), and David Brown ( a teen in our church).  We prayed for these people together.

Next he did his normal part (writing, coloring, tracing, etc). 

The activity for the letter D was to make donuts.  I have never made donuts.  I've always thought they were total junk food so why make them!  This recipe was made from whole wheat flour and I just read a blog that talked about the goodness of lard, so I thought I'd give these donutes a try.

We needed to find a donut cutter.  Finally finding one at an Amish type store near by, we attempted the donuts.

This was going to be fun!  Addan was so excited! 

They turned out good.  It was a fun memory together and a fun way to learn the letter D!


  1. What a fun teacher! That program sounds GREAT! I will have to look into it for Levi; didn't like what I used for Violet.
    I'll have to look into that lard info. I know you mentioned it to me before but I didn't really get a chance to do it yet. Is it as good as coconut oil? I'll def. have to see about getting ours from our cows, esp. since we are raising some grass-fed ones now. Thanks a bunch. I SO love your blog! :)

  2. Okay, so I'm dumb. Shawn informed me that lard comes from pigs and tallow comes from cows. I'll have to check into it from our pigs, although they are not grassfed. It's hard to find grass-fed pigs.
    Those donuts do look so delicious!!